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February 6, 2011

two hours to his birthday and I am still here browsing about what I want for my birthday. Such a sellfish girlfriend.

what do you want for your birthday, love?

topsL zara, jeans: levi’s, shoes: steve madden

Thank you for the tears, Alejandro. Biutiful is definitely beautiful. Me like it too much :’)





buried after the next three days

December 12, 2010

two movies. one Saturday night. superb.

had this crazy idea to watch buried at midnight, turns out I fell asleep for 10 mins *gasp* do you wanna know the ending? just refers to the title itself and you’ll find the answer *grin*

one bag. one night. botkier.

meet my baby botkier in black calf skin, she’s just too pretty.

dress: xsml, shoes: mitju, bag: botkier, necklace: diva

how many times I have to say that….. I love Monday? NOT!

One month left to five years.



digital cotton candy

October 26, 2010



you need a champion

October 16, 2010

what will you do when suddenly you’ve lost the guts about something? would you stay? or leave?

singlet: temt, skirt+belt: valleygirl, cardigan: topshop, shoes: naima, socks: sportsgirl, bag: LV, watch: bvlgari

my new boots as my booze….

shoes by NEXT

dear you, attraversiamo to the next level, yes?




jodhpur & jodhpur

August 6, 2010

Friday night it is and my journey will begin. This week has been too busy yet pretty laid back at the office while lady boss is on buying trip, hope she’ll bring me some chocolate or candy 🙂 I’ve been too impulsive this month because SALE is like everywhere, as far as you can see… so, it’s a bankrupt for me, too bad 😦

tank top: unbranded, blouse: dotti, jodhpur: trf by zara, shoes: mitju, bag: gucci, belt: aigner, watch: mimco

SALT was ok, think that I have a very high expectation on it. Can’t wait for The Last Airbender (hopefully) this Saturday *yay* after he finish his thing of course..

ahh, enough bluffing! now, I’m off for a bowl of chicken noodle on this rainy Friday night, yum yum…



sailor tailor

June 19, 2010

I wrote this, while my cat is sleeping near my bed. It’s Saturday noon and still have no plan to go *sigh*. Anywhoo, my best friend is getting married today, unfortunately I can’t be there on her big day but I’m wishing her all the good luck, joy and bless! 😀

well, couple of pics from my short escape to the country next door.

tee: unbranded, skirt: zara, shoes: rubi, bag: kate spade, belt: unbranded

oh well, it’s almost 2 pm. It’ll be good to do some exercise before we start tonight. Adios.



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I have an eye on Marc

June 16, 2010

while I’m listening to She and Him Volume Two *sniff sniff*

Thursday, here we go!



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Burberry on Sale

May 25, 2010


give me back my weekend

May 23, 2010

My heart isn’t broken, I just need to change the battery.

it’s not the most expensive bag in the world nor the most fabulous one

but I just simply love it til’ die.

Thank you daddy, you’re the super best!

Thank you me, for being such a generous.

Kate Spade – Belvedere bag



three angles

May 1, 2010

another Saturday night means another movie night 🙂 and i just can’t get enough of it! we decided to give it a try to Agora. It’s a drama set in Roman Egypt about Hypatia the philosopher, Davus the slave and Orestes, who fell in love to each other in a complicated situation, love triangle or at least that’s what I understand from this movie *cough* *shallow* overall, it’s not my kind of movie but Max Minghella was smorkin’ hawt hawt!!! *wink*

If I could just unravel this just a little bit more, and just get a little closer to the answer, then… Then I would go to my grave a happy woman. (Hypatia)

dress: (x)sml, leggings: uniqlo, shoes: scooter, owl ring: forever21

I bought this suppa cute owl ring from forever 21 =) *happy dancing*



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