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May 24, 2009

bought a new acid wash skirt vintage look a like from valleygirl and here i am, playing around with it 🙂 i’m so in lurve with tights and I definately will wear it anytime and anywhere, mostly…weehee :p did you recognize that what i’m wearing as a top is actually a skirt? hee hee, love love multifunction clothes *happy*

anywhoo, i just watched “Ghost of my Girlfriend’s Past” played by Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, it was soooo sweet, indeed ^^

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by ImageShack.uspolka dot top/skirt: cotton on, leather jacket: just jeans, acid wash skirt: valleygirl, tights: topshop, shoes: zoe wittner

kiss kiss,



(not) a beautiful mess

March 30, 2009


this is my working space.

the place where i can do my blog, my paper, my thesis, my works and tons of other stuff! you can find thousand thingy here, on my desk *haha* and yes, it always look like this everyday, pretty messy huh? or not! am sure my mom will kill me if she knows that her daughter had a really beautiful mess on her desk ^^ but, i don’t know i just feel so comfy in this kind of situation (well, not a really good example, eh?!)

today, i got this notification from my apartment agent that they will come for an inspection on 6th of April from 01.00 – 04.00, shuuuuut! I will do my best to make this place look even nicer 😀

off to work again, besties!

kiss kiss,