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Holy Monday

June 3, 2013

I saw these babies and fall in love. Should I?

Balenciaga did something that beyond my common sense and I should praise them for being awesome.

End of season sale period has just started and so do Jakarta Great Sale. For most people, it’s time to shop ’til they broke, for me? it’s time for an extra hour at the store.

It’s not a big problem until she-who-shall-not-be-named appear and ruins everything.

May you rest in hell.


How’s your Monday?
Mine? cheap.

imagegreen sweater: cheap monday

Tomorrow will be just fine,




November 4, 2012


Happy (belated) Halloween!

it’s a “hi” from Frankenstein.

rubiks’ cube guy

August 6, 2012

it’s been a while, well it’s been quite a while….

I don’t exactly know when it start or how it strike.

happy working!


one day before

July 23, 2012


*while listening to wicked way by Ben Taylor*

24 hours before my last day at the office, mixed feelings growing too fast inside me.

Life’s been good, life’s been tricky but everything happens for a reason, aite?

i better start to write my farewell email *ready to google*

Hello stranger, close my blog and do your work! (or just go home, at least).




May 8, 2012

After a hundred years of hiatus, today I do blog walking to my own blog.

Well, let me say this.. I change a LOT! some changes are good but some others are not.

Enough with the sippy sappy thing, now let’s start to blog (again!)




foodie goodie moody

April 3, 2011

Please excuse this little lazy bastard for the whole March, I’ve been busy handling two new brands *hell yeah* but here I am now…

Not much about fashion thing, however I ate some of those foodie this weekend; colorful xiao long bao, brioche with smoked salmon and scrambled egg, dark choc waffle and black pepper salmon pasta.

Have you ever heard about something called ‘maturity leave’ ? recently caught my attention and became a big big dilemma. Should I or shouldn’t I? Well, major things happen in life eh?



awaiting sunday morning

February 23, 2011

I try to synchronize my brain and heart. Life’s been ‘good’ but people do screw. I learn a lot that people do change, so you don’t need to take revenge, but for how long?

blouse: velvet, skirt: cotton on, tights: unbranded, skull clutch: unbranded, shoes: steve madden

Too much drama in this country, while I don’t need one since the last episode of 90210.

I’m not happy, I’m trying to. Hope this will end, soon.




plain text

November 8, 2010

went to a friend’s wedding then Christensen plus Walker on Takers to end the night, ace! the plot was just so-so but those hawt duo? who can resist their temptation. did i tell you that I’m on their November issue? yay!!

blouse: mango, batik skirt: unbranded, shoes: charles&keith, clutch: witchery, watch: charriol, necklace: diva

so excited with the newest rumour about my so-called new toys, let’s just hope for the best *crossing my fingers each and every day*



November 5, 2010

currently listening to these two, on and on and on, everyday.

Do you ever met someone who’s very intolerably childish, cruel and overly sensitive? well, I do.

Sometimes I feel like, I’m smashing her head out and knocking her head down all over again.

it sucks, I know.

but at least I have my point here, I shall not be like them.

Oi, stop playin’ funny buggers with me!




images are from here and here

you need a champion

October 16, 2010

what will you do when suddenly you’ve lost the guts about something? would you stay? or leave?

singlet: temt, skirt+belt: valleygirl, cardigan: topshop, shoes: naima, socks: sportsgirl, bag: LV, watch: bvlgari

my new boots as my booze….

shoes by NEXT

dear you, attraversiamo to the next level, yes?