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and there she goes…

June 1, 2013

Life indeed is a roller coaster. Now I believe what Ronan Keating said back then.

I’m expecting a really big surprise this year. Well, actually it’s my intention to surprise everyone.

Just wait and see 🙂

and there she goes...
dress: nefertiti, cape: forever 21, shoes: mitju, bag: cambridge satchel fluoro

Happy 2nd of June!


awaiting sunday morning

February 23, 2011

I try to synchronize my brain and heart. Life’s been ‘good’ but people do screw. I learn a lot that people do change, so you don’t need to take revenge, but for how long?

blouse: velvet, skirt: cotton on, tights: unbranded, skull clutch: unbranded, shoes: steve madden

Too much drama in this country, while I don’t need one since the last episode of 90210.

I’m not happy, I’m trying to. Hope this will end, soon.





February 6, 2011

two hours to his birthday and I am still here browsing about what I want for my birthday. Such a sellfish girlfriend.

what do you want for your birthday, love?

topsL zara, jeans: levi’s, shoes: steve madden

Thank you for the tears, Alejandro. Biutiful is definitely beautiful. Me like it too much :’)




buried after the next three days

December 12, 2010

two movies. one Saturday night. superb.

had this crazy idea to watch buried at midnight, turns out I fell asleep for 10 mins *gasp* do you wanna know the ending? just refers to the title itself and you’ll find the answer *grin*

one bag. one night. botkier.

meet my baby botkier in black calf skin, she’s just too pretty.

dress: xsml, shoes: mitju, bag: botkier, necklace: diva

how many times I have to say that….. I love Monday? NOT!

One month left to five years.



I got a phone call

December 7, 2010

ring-a-ding, hello? can I talk to ‘oh, I want this bag so much’ ?

Kate Spade never fail my eyes, she did it well. Unfortunately, new arrival will always not on sale, think I’ll pass for now and hopefully it still there when I have enough cash.

I don’t like tomorrow, I’m curious with the day after. What is it like? but I just can’t wait to meet my new flat screen PC monitor *shall-ow*. Never satisfied with my life, should I be grateful or should I try some more?

top: parc, jeans: cheap monday, necklace: diva, shoes: zara, sunnies: unbranded, bag: ysl, watch: bvlgari

Do I need to buy a pair of shoes? I feel like I need to.

IDN – THA 2-1 for Indonesia, yay!



plain text

November 8, 2010

went to a friend’s wedding then Christensen plus Walker on Takers to end the night, ace! the plot was just so-so but those hawt duo? who can resist their temptation. did i tell you that I’m on their November issue? yay!!

blouse: mango, batik skirt: unbranded, shoes: charles&keith, clutch: witchery, watch: charriol, necklace: diva

so excited with the newest rumour about my so-called new toys, let’s just hope for the best *crossing my fingers each and every day*


you need a champion

October 16, 2010

what will you do when suddenly you’ve lost the guts about something? would you stay? or leave?

singlet: temt, skirt+belt: valleygirl, cardigan: topshop, shoes: naima, socks: sportsgirl, bag: LV, watch: bvlgari

my new boots as my booze….

shoes by NEXT

dear you, attraversiamo to the next level, yes?





October 10, 2010

Sunday.. you’re always too generous to Monday. I’m still trying to find another job, boring. Not satisfied. Disappointed.

well, the October edition is now on sale. Still, feeling weird when I read my own articles *gasp* not in the mood for socializing, that’s why I drag myself inside my cocoon.

shirt: cheap monday, skirt: cotton on, denim jacket: dotti, hat: pull&bear, shoes: paez, bag: marc by marc jacobs, watch: bvlgari


what’s your number? more.




October 3, 2010

Did you guys ever heard about the word “respect” ? I’m sure you do, but do they? I’m not sure.

I miss them too much because we’ve been through a lot, thanks mom ♥

My mom is the greatest 🙂 i love you the most and happy birthday.

I need to get outta here, soon! we’ll see… it’s their lost, not mine.
denim dress: valleygirl, tights: unbranded, shoes: mitju, bag: ysl, watch: guess

finally, articles sent!



life is too short

September 26, 2010

Finally I’ve got something to post and a time to write, here I am after a very long hiatus.

shirt: trf, black dress: little potty red shoes, watch/necklace&bag: marc by marc jacobs, shoes: naima, tights: unbranded

What’s happening lately? well, I’m officially became a freelance writer and still trying to finish my third project on the same magazine *yay* I splurge too much this month, that’s why I need a new job with a better salary, immediately! Recently think that Bruno Mars has an awesome voice and lyrics, me love 🙂

it’s Sunday night, I hate it. Dammit.