February 6, 2011

two hours to his birthday and I am still here browsing about what I want for my birthday. Such a sellfish girlfriend.

what do you want for your birthday, love?

topsL zara, jeans: levi’s, shoes: steve madden

Thank you for the tears, Alejandro. Biutiful is definitely beautiful. Me like it too much :’)





buried after the next three days

December 12, 2010

two movies. one Saturday night. superb.

had this crazy idea to watch buried at midnight, turns out I fell asleep for 10 mins *gasp* do you wanna know the ending? just refers to the title itself and you’ll find the answer *grin*

one bag. one night. botkier.

meet my baby botkier in black calf skin, she’s just too pretty.

dress: xsml, shoes: mitju, bag: botkier, necklace: diva

how many times I have to say that….. I love Monday? NOT!

One month left to five years.



I got a phone call

December 7, 2010

ring-a-ding, hello? can I talk to ‘oh, I want this bag so much’ ?

Kate Spade never fail my eyes, she did it well. Unfortunately, new arrival will always not on sale, think I’ll pass for now and hopefully it still there when I have enough cash.

I don’t like tomorrow, I’m curious with the day after. What is it like? but I just can’t wait to meet my new flat screen PC monitor *shall-ow*. Never satisfied with my life, should I be grateful or should I try some more?

top: parc, jeans: cheap monday, necklace: diva, shoes: zara, sunnies: unbranded, bag: ysl, watch: bvlgari

Do I need to buy a pair of shoes? I feel like I need to.

IDN – THA 2-1 for Indonesia, yay!



it’s our turn to adapt

December 6, 2010

(not) just another alien movie, I presume. If you expected to see fancy effects and gory creatures, you’ll be very disappointed. Great great ending, it reminds me of District 9.

Ksubi, their footwear collection. tempting, I mean TEMPTING.

I got a new PC monitor at the office, it’s a flat screen so my eyes will be very happy 😀 good luck Thursday!

After Six Years, They’re No Longer Aliens. They’re Residents.



images from here and here

remember december

December 1, 2010

hello December, I shall remember :’)

Photography isn’t really my thing, but well… who can resist this beauty?

O, Indonesia won 5 – 1 from Malaysia, yippie! and Irfan Bachdim is cute.




November 24, 2010

I found them, recently (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)



plain text

November 8, 2010

went to a friend’s wedding then Christensen plus Walker on Takers to end the night, ace! the plot was just so-so but those hawt duo? who can resist their temptation. did i tell you that I’m on their November issue? yay!!

blouse: mango, batik skirt: unbranded, shoes: charles&keith, clutch: witchery, watch: charriol, necklace: diva

so excited with the newest rumour about my so-called new toys, let’s just hope for the best *crossing my fingers each and every day*



November 5, 2010

currently listening to these two, on and on and on, everyday.

Do you ever met someone who’s very intolerably childish, cruel and overly sensitive? well, I do.

Sometimes I feel like, I’m smashing her head out and knocking her head down all over again.

it sucks, I know.

but at least I have my point here, I shall not be like them.

Oi, stop playin’ funny buggers with me!




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brother john

October 31, 2010

little brother agreed to strike a pose. it’s not actually his daily style, but I insist.

chambray shirt: dad’s, jeans&bow tie: zara man, shoes: zu, hat: just jeans, watch: fossil

The Social Network was okay, It’s boring because I’m so damn freezing. Sent a couple of applications lately, I’m crossing my fingers to hit one of those *gasp*



digital cotton candy

October 26, 2010