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brother john

October 31, 2010

little brother agreed to strike a pose. it’s not actually his daily style, but I insist.

chambray shirt: dad’s, jeans&bow tie: zara man, shoes: zu, hat: just jeans, watch: fossil

The Social Network was okay, It’s boring because I’m so damn freezing. Sent a couple of applications lately, I’m crossing my fingers to hit one of those *gasp*




digital cotton candy

October 26, 2010



you need a champion

October 16, 2010

what will you do when suddenly you’ve lost the guts about something? would you stay? or leave?

singlet: temt, skirt+belt: valleygirl, cardigan: topshop, shoes: naima, socks: sportsgirl, bag: LV, watch: bvlgari

my new boots as my booze….

shoes by NEXT

dear you, attraversiamo to the next level, yes?




O, Sofia

October 13, 2010

Sofia Coppola and her latest collaboration with Louis Vuitton

I want her talent, I want her fame, I want her beauty, but the most important thing is… I want her bag, can? Mom? somebody? anyone?

this is beyond awesome! I super love the bag, period

I’m sure I can wait until my next birthday *wink*



images from here and here


October 10, 2010

Sunday.. you’re always too generous to Monday. I’m still trying to find another job, boring. Not satisfied. Disappointed.

well, the October edition is now on sale. Still, feeling weird when I read my own articles *gasp* not in the mood for socializing, that’s why I drag myself inside my cocoon.

shirt: cheap monday, skirt: cotton on, denim jacket: dotti, hat: pull&bear, shoes: paez, bag: marc by marc jacobs, watch: bvlgari


what’s your number? more.




October 3, 2010

Did you guys ever heard about the word “respect” ? I’m sure you do, but do they? I’m not sure.

I miss them too much because we’ve been through a lot, thanks mom ♥

My mom is the greatest 🙂 i love you the most and happy birthday.

I need to get outta here, soon! we’ll see… it’s their lost, not mine.
denim dress: valleygirl, tights: unbranded, shoes: mitju, bag: ysl, watch: guess

finally, articles sent!