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hop hop hop

August 28, 2010

this is beyond awesome! Cheap Monday Pre-release SS 11.

I vote for the middle one, that’s superb!

Now, i’m still here writing nothing and bluffing unimportant thing. In fact, I should do some work for the magazine. Have. no. idea. at. all 😦 help!

Desperately need to get my hair cut, recently i’m obsessed with my hair.

I’m hoping for an amazing Saturday night *finger cross*




nanny’s pavillon

August 21, 2010

chillin’ and relaxing with college friends like the ol’ days, woohooo! it’s been three years since then and they’re all still perfectly the same, ahhh….. super happy indeed 😀 the place was nice, the food were good and the atmosphere was awesome! anywhoo, about Nanny’s Pavilion, you should try their mushroom chicken sandwich or the green pasta, slurp!

it feels like lying under the banyan tree. *random*




August 17, 2010

65 years already – Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

top, belt: unbranded, short: xsml, shoes: scooter, bag: LV, watch: bvlgari, hat: just jeans



dear busybee,

August 13, 2010

Early in the morning I was still in bed
You call me just in time when the sunlight comes
You said “How was your sleep? I didn’t do too well. Would you be a friend and take a walk with me?”

My friends they all been telling me that you’re no good
You broke a lot of hearts and you don’t even know
I refuse to believe any of that is true
But I’ll hate it when they’re right and tell me told you so

I don’t want to be a victim of a broken heart
I don’t want to put myself into another mess yeah
I don’t want to be a fool and make a big mistake
I’ve should’ve known better, but it’s allright
Cause I’m in to you

Early in the morning I was still in bed
We’ve talked about an hour till my ear turns red
You said “It’s getting late, I’m gonna have to go. I’ll be getting ready so how ’bout that walk?”

My friends been telling me that I should let you go
You broke a lot of hearts and then you run away
I refuse to believe any of that it’s true
But I’ll hate it when they’re right and tell me told you so

Early in the morning I was still in bed
The thought of you remains the biggest mystery
I was left unsure of all this thing would go
I guess I’ll think about it when I walk with you
(In to You – Adhitia Sofyan)


jodhpur & jodhpur

August 6, 2010

Friday night it is and my journey will begin. This week has been too busy yet pretty laid back at the office while lady boss is on buying trip, hope she’ll bring me some chocolate or candy 🙂 I’ve been too impulsive this month because SALE is like everywhere, as far as you can see… so, it’s a bankrupt for me, too bad 😦

tank top: unbranded, blouse: dotti, jodhpur: trf by zara, shoes: mitju, bag: gucci, belt: aigner, watch: mimco

SALT was ok, think that I have a very high expectation on it. Can’t wait for The Last Airbender (hopefully) this Saturday *yay* after he finish his thing of course..

ahh, enough bluffing! now, I’m off for a bowl of chicken noodle on this rainy Friday night, yum yum…