so long, single life.

time flies too fast,

reminscing our very first hi!, remembering those chitty chatty at night, talking shit about our thesis adviser and doing nothing except window shopping right after we finished class.

I miss that moment, you know?

I miss those silly moments.

can’t believe that she’s getting married in three days. can’t believe that you’re going to be someone’s wife, very soon.

it hurts, deep inside my heart. to lose a single friend like you, yet happy at the same time, knowing that you’re gonna be happy.

I’m wishing you all the good and best luck on each and every step you make.

’til your wedding day, adios!



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3 Responses to “so long, single life.”

  1. si pilon Says:


  2. amie Says:

    *sobs* nyuuhh..jokooo *hugs* :’)

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