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so long, single life.

July 30, 2010

time flies too fast,

reminscing our very first hi!, remembering those chitty chatty at night, talking shit about our thesis adviser and doing nothing except window shopping right after we finished class.

I miss that moment, you know?

I miss those silly moments.

can’t believe that she’s getting married in three days. can’t believe that you’re going to be someone’s wife, very soon.

it hurts, deep inside my heart. to lose a single friend like you, yet happy at the same time, knowing that you’re gonna be happy.

I’m wishing you all the good and best luck on each and every step you make.

’til your wedding day, adios!



put your records on

July 25, 2010

Random things that recently happen to me.

It’s finally over for my long hair episode and now, welcoming the short one 😀

I got a birthday present from my lovely office mate. See this uber cute pair from naima (you can check their boutique at Level One – Grand Indonesia) they’re totally awesome!

Last, got my hot stamping personalization on my Damier Neverfull Bag, yay!

what’s your random things?



a quarter

July 19, 2010


Mbak Ipah.Anti.Nitya.Tance.Umic.Ilham.Riffa.Idham.Arya.Novi.Yoeng.Nina.Ancil.

Antha.Ara.Halima.Mbak Rita.Sarpit.Dania.Mbak Tya.Mbak Tuty. Mbak Yenny.Priska.

Kokom.Farah.Ayu.Vivin.Angie.Eenk.Ainita.Mbak Illa.Polin.

Mbak Riri.Manda.Diana.Larry.Robert.Tommy.Mbak Mita.

Mbak Nitya.Mbak Anggi.Feli.Mbak Michele.Mbak Nancy.Stephanie.Olaf.Cumi.Pilon.



Babiko.DW.Mbak Yeyen.Mbak Merry.Mbak Jui.Mbak Juli.Mbak Maya.

Mbak Renny.Cornel.Loman.Sandhy.Louis.Ayah.Windy.Kucing.Sarceh.Mbot.

Neeko.Pak Ari.Kumoro.Ied.Tessi.Inal.Nena.Chicha.Mikel.Bowo.Tissa.Sopa.Asty.Arendra



birthday girl

popoy popoy

July 13, 2010

blouse: unbranded, jeansL nudie, shoes: yongkikomaladi, necklace: oasis, bowler hat: justjeans

despicable me was surprisingly beyond cute! it tells story about Gru, the orphan trio: Agnes, Margo and Edith, and those little minions, wanna know more about the story? go figure yourself! it’s a must see animated movie. uh, oh and Pharell Williams did a great job on the music scores.

we say goodbye to World Cup 2010 and say “congratulations” to Spain, while we will expecting World Cup 2014 Brazil and say “congratulations” to *cough* hopefully…..Brazil 🙂 viva la samba!

Got a really excellent mark on my performance review at the office today, yay! raise oh my salary *finger cross* :p



image from here

little project

July 10, 2010

shirt/skirt: cotton on, tights: unbranded, shoes: zoe wittner, watch: mimco

tee: cheap monday, vest: dotti, tights: unbranded, shoes: zoe wittner, necklace: turnmeon, watch: mimco

shirt: resteröds, jeans: cheap monday, shoes: onitsuka tiger



let go.

July 5, 2010

Letting go is one thing that I should learn in advance.

I am not deleting anyone from any social media, but if they do then I don’t give a damn on that. Shame on you! try harder because it’s not classy. Stop bothering me with those silly questions unless you have something better rather than “how are you?” and “how’s your day” WRONG! you don’t need to move closer, just stay where you are and keep the distance.

Sorry to keep you waiting but I just don’t have any intention at all.

Goodbye. Farewell. Au revoir.




Higuain has to go home

July 4, 2010

I’m so into black, white and neon colors while listening to ost. Nick&Norah’s Infinite Playlist *gasp*

tanktop: unbranded, blouse: dotti, jeans: cheap monday, necklace: turnmeon design, shoes: forever 21, watch: rubi

we spent the night at a friend’s wedding and Pepenero for football match between Aregntina vs Germany. Sadly, Argentina has to go home with the result of 4-0 for Germany 😦 now, I’ll stick to team van Oranje 😀 *hup Holland hup*

anywhoo, Happy 4th of July Americans…

the game is over and the story will never be the same again, adios!