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when Portugal beats North Korea

June 21, 2010

there’s no weekends without weekdays *I’ll keep that in mind, always*

me – tees: giordano, denim jacket: dotti, shorts: cotton on, tights: unbranded, shoes: mitju, bowler: just jeans

her – shirt: cotton on, short: pull&bear, tights: unbanded, shoes: converse, bow tie: cotton on

if you’re falling, then I will catch you

You need a light, I’ll find a match

coz I love the way you said good morning

and you take me the way I am

(The way I am – Ingrid Michaelson)




there’s no plan B

June 20, 2010

Bradley Cooper never fail my eyes and yes, he did it again on The A Team. It bring up my childhood memories, when I used to sat in front of the TV waiting for Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and B.A to entertain my evening 😀 oh, how I wish I could go back to that era again *tears*

shirt dress: pull&bear, tights: unbranded, shoes: mitju, bag: burberry, bowler hat: just jeans, watch/necklace: marc by marc jacobs

This is unreal, this is too cute to ignore and next month is my birthday *grin* so what?! uh uh uh, can you spot bad badtzmaru in it? me can! me can! Sanrio, celebrating their 50th anniversary in collaboration with Dr. Martens, aw aw aw! me want 😦

are you ready for Monday? me not 😦



sailor tailor

June 19, 2010

I wrote this, while my cat is sleeping near my bed. It’s Saturday noon and still have no plan to go *sigh*. Anywhoo, my best friend is getting married today, unfortunately I can’t be there on her big day but I’m wishing her all the good luck, joy and bless! 😀

well, couple of pics from my short escape to the country next door.

tee: unbranded, skirt: zara, shoes: rubi, bag: kate spade, belt: unbranded

oh well, it’s almost 2 pm. It’ll be good to do some exercise before we start tonight. Adios.



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I have an eye on Marc

June 16, 2010

while I’m listening to She and Him Volume Two *sniff sniff*

Thursday, here we go!



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June 5, 2010

hey, The Cure! do you really cured a broken heart?



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