difficult, not impossible

I need buri buri zaemon to brighten up my mood these days! why oh why, problems and troubles are always around me, it really cause me an uncomfy brain, blah blah! life is easier when am down under, really…or not?

anywhoo, am wearing exactly the same shirt from yesterday which belongs to my mom 😀 amazingly super comfy! had a great lunch at Kihana – PI 😀

denim shirt: zara, tights: cotton on, shoes: paez, glasses: unbranded, watch: baumer&mercier, bag: kate spade, ring: forever21

slap me! tomo is Monday, grrrrr…..and am not ready for Tuesday, help! still can’t decide, should I come or just ignore it? another help! *gasp*



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2 Responses to “difficult, not impossible”

  1. sartob Says:

    i heart your outfit, love. especially the tights.

    anyway, wanna join a blogger meet up?

    SAT, 26th JUNE
    1 pm
    at strawberry cafe
    DC: proud to be indonesian

    i hope you could join us, love

    p.s: check my blog for further info


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