random updates

dress: cotton on, blouse: dotti, tights: unbranded, shoes: scooter, bag: louis vuitton

heihoooo, i’m back *who cares?!* it was like a month ago since the last time i posted something on this blog :p yes, blame it on the errrrr, shall we just call it as ‘life’?? umm, experiencing another stage of life 😀 and i’m happy for that… enough bluffing, let’s do this random updates!

1. Watched the marvelous AVATAR already and thought that it’s not that good, at least it was not what I expected from that movie :p

2. Watched RUMAH DARA for the second time with adik tsurupika and i still think that it is the scariest Indonesian Movie in 2009

3. Finished my 3 months probation with an excellent mark! Alhamdulilah 😀

4. Bought KOC’s ticket 🙂 so, see you on 28th March all….

5. My very first high end designer bag, thanks to Mom and Dad 🙂 I LOVE YOU BOTH THE MOST!

6. Finally, i drove my car to the office after this whole time, was just sitting down and relaxing on the back seat :p

7. Watched PRINCESS AND THE FROG and thought that it was the most romantic yet ‘different’ animation movie *call me lame but i don’t care*

8. Decided to skip Java Jazz 2010

9. Recently addicted to The Temper Trap, they’re AWESOME!!!

10. I admit that I’m a tights fetish

11. Think that left handed boys are sexy :p haha…..

okay, i think enough is enough…i’ll add some more whenever I remember something about this random updates thingy, ciao bella!




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