a bowler hat tells story

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usbiggie shirt: valleygirl, denim shorts: b club, tights: unbranded, shoes: zara, bag: mimco, bowler hat: just jeans, watch: guess

went to Penang Bistro for dinner with me and his family last night 😀 and since my internet was down yesterday, so I post it today….hmm, what else? the fact that my long weekend is over? darn! back to the office-o and heard couple of tragic stories at the mall -_- ironic, eh?! my deepest condolence for them and their family 😦

please please, no more tragedy at the mall…it’s sadly like hell! since i have to spend at least every half week at the mall, so please no more….

now, should I say ‘hi’ first to him? or shouldn’t I? feels like an ugly betty when it comes to him *LOL*

sorry for my super random post, it’s not easy to wrote something when you’re hungry *blah* mighty nighty!




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2 Responses to “a bowler hat tells story”

  1. sabila anata Says:

    where did you get the bowler hat ? it’s sooo cute 🙂

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