biggie wiggie miggie

Sorry for the very late late post, i’ve been busy with errrrrr, nothing?! hee hee..

I’m in love with my new Cheap Monday biggie skull tee, thank you Nena 🙂 still thinking to add some more tees from Cheap Monday to complete my collection, haha…wait until the end of this month, wahooo!

this week has been good to me, love love…. so let’s start this Monday with one big bright smile and hope she’ll be good to you *gulp*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.ustee: biggie skull tee from cheap monday, shoes: blowfish malibu, bowler hat: just jeans, necklace: diva, watch: mimco

little sister is getting closer to what we called oh-so-dressing up hahaha…you’d better start to find your signature style, love…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.ustee: unbranded, legging: unbranded, beanie hat: unbranded, shoes: dotti

If loving you is like wearing stilettos, then I’d rather be wearing my flats.

i love you, my flats! and i always do.




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11 Responses to “biggie wiggie miggie”

  1. windyandina Says:

    Jacky!!! I want that jack dear! 😀 ehehehe

  2. sabila anata Says:

    hey 🙂 the shoes are really lovin . i just blog walkin and totally love your blog ! Do you mind exchanging links ?

  3. sabila anata Says:

    ok then 🙂
    keep on posting yaaaa

  4. cashmerecocoon Says:

    surely do, Sabila 🙂

  5. regina Says:

    what a great blog.wanna exchange link?????

  6. vqiie Says:


  7. cilla Says:

    hey! blogwalking 🙂 can we exchange links?

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