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you’re a great dj

October 31, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLast night, went to Soulnation at Istora Senayan with amiecumi and pilonisasi

Too tired when I arrived there, since I went to three malls in the afternoon to do my job, checking for that sale and sales thingy.

back to the ting tings, hmm…it was good, but not that good, it’s not like what I expected at first. but, Katie and Jules made a great performance last night 🙂

Happy belated Hell-Oh-Win everybody…




what just happened

October 26, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.ustee: giordano, animal print skirt: unbranded, tights: topshop, shoes: scooter, pink bow: supre, bowler hat: just jeans, bag:  grandma’s treasure

You came along just like a song
And brightened my day
Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

(can’t smile without you – Barry Manilow)

my weekend was super tired but FUN! watched “9” on Friday with couple of besties and went to this SSEAYP training and found lots of interesting people on Saturday and Sunday *LOL* I mean literally interesting :p

love love “9” it’s a kind of animation movie with a touch of drama and epic, no bad for a refreshment on Friday night.

last, wishing all IPY 2009 a very very good luck! take a good care of yourself and enjoy the program…see you on 18th December, adios!

goodnight and good luck you, the boy with the glasses :*


cc – on sad sad sad Monday

beauty is pain

October 21, 2009

Image Hosted by

loving you is like wearing a stiletto,

it is pretty but hurt.

and forget you is like waterproof mascara,

it is still there when you wipe it out.



monster bunny on the run

October 17, 2009

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tee: zara, bunny winter hat: disneyland japan

saturday night means a lot to me, i don’t have to be worry about microsoft excel, i don’t have to be worry about waking up early in the morning and i don’t have to be worry about staying up all night.

but saturday night means another lonely saturday night 😦

i’m (still) trying to erase all memories of you.


gloomy cc

polka polka polka

October 14, 2009

heihooo spageddioooo, i’m back-o with today’s office outfit, nyam! I wore pink polkadot top to brighten up my day and boost up my mood, and errrr….it works a little bit tho’ *sigh*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.uspolkadot top: temt, legging: zara, cardigan: topshop, shoes: zoe wittner, bag&watch: mimco

somebody please please help me to learn microsoft excel? anyone? because I desperately need it.



lacey time

October 10, 2009

Image Hosted by

isn’t that sweet?! it’s super sweet, yum! immediately send an e-mail to Billie and Rose and ask them do they have this jeans in my size, slurup slurup….. *finger cross*

anywhoo, Lenka will be performing in Jakarta TONIGHT! but sadly, I can’t see her 😦 *sigh* gulp gulp gulp…

alrighty righty! am heading to PIM for a movie with couple of besties….


sneak(er) a peek

October 6, 2009

my sister in action =D she’s not really into skirt tho’ but I forced her to wore those kind of ballet skirt, hee hee *smirk*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.ustee: reebok, skirt: unbranded, shinny tights: unbranded, shoes: onitsuka tiger

my first day at work was exciting ^^ we’ll see what happen next…


baby ksubi it is

October 4, 2009

finally, i can hug my baby ksubi *hop hop* went to plasa senayan for lunch while am craving for dimsum and minced beef porridge, nyam-o!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.ustee: elwood, crop blouse: dotti, jeans: super skinny zebra pattern by ksubi, shoes: zoe wittner, bag&watch: mimco, necklace: diva

ps: my first day at work, today! wish me luck ^^


October 2, 2009

happy October besties x_x!

today is batik day, yeayy! since UNESCO lists batik as one of Indonesian cultural heritage *happy* me proud of it and we should be proud of it. Uh oh, did you know that #batikindonesia is a trending topic on twitter today? wohoooo!!!

Image Hosted by

batik dress: ITC, bronze tights: sportsgirl, bowler hat: just jeans, shoes: blowfish malibu, bag: longchamp, watch: bvlgari, wristband: crocs

one more important thingy for today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM 😀 we love you so much and much more each day ^^ *hugs*



ps: don’t you guys realize that i’ve lost so much weight these days? hmm, no good…no good…or not?!