deeiiwai: not-so plain denim shorts



my first so-called DIY project. Turning my plain denim shorts into a-not-so plain denim short *d’oh*. Still thinking, I’m gonna rip it a bit here and there, so it will look a bit more trashy, hee hee ^^ or should I put a bunch of bling bling studs as well? hmm, probably it will look too much by then? No? ah, anyway…I am pleased with the result tho’ 😀




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2 Responses to “deeiiwai: not-so plain denim shorts”

  1. Lokita Says:

    Congrats for your first DIY. Hmm..i think the ripping things would be better. 🙂 Anyway i like your style.
    Ouwh…wanna exchange links?

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