two bucks til wednesday

Finally, the day that I have been waiting for this past three months. The day of Two Bucks Til Wednesday garage sale *hop hop* I went there and lined up from 1.10 PM and people keep coming and coming and coming….

I thought I’ll be the first, too bad they were lined up since 10.30 AM *sigh*

this is what I wore the whole day, from 11 AM til 11.30 PM

shirt: from Bali, blazer: ebay, shawl: promod, denim shorts: zara, black opaque: forever new, gloves: sportsgirl, bag: nine west, shoes: dotti

and this is what I bought. Only these two dresses and a leather skirt that unfortunately too small for me, d’oh! can’t wait to do my DIY project with these thingy *happy* including my leather skirt of course 😀 hopefully i’ll manage to make it bigger *grin*

At night, I went for a movie (again!), The Proposal. Played by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. This one was obviously better than I love You, Man 😀 and yes, I cried.

Andrew Paxton: Marry me, because I’d like to date you..
cc: *tears*

Oh, I saw the rainbow. Hush! what a busy rainy-sunny Saturday ^^



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2 Responses to “two bucks til wednesday”

  1. Riri Says:

    i love your blazer! xx

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