win or lose, this war ends tonight!

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shirt: cotton on, knit cape: dotti, blondie jeans: nudie, bag: longchamp, shoes: dotti, necklace: turnmeon design

Finally, I watched “Terminator Salvation” played by Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. I didn’t watch any of Terminator’s movie before, but I found it quite easy to understand this movie 😀

I prefer Marcus Wright than John Connor, how about you? hee hee ^^  but I love Anton Yelchin (as Kyle Reese) and I realize that he’s the one who played as Pavel Chekov on Star Trek, the boy with a very cute European accent 😀 remember him? oh, how I love curly boys soooo much *LOL* Anton will appear on his next movie, “New York, I Love You” 😀

uh well, can’t wait for this Saturday/Sunday because I’ll go for a road trip with a bunch of friends, yipppie! *hop hop*

He saved my life. I saw a man, not a machine. (Blair Williams)




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