stewie griffin plush

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what a lousy Tuesday night, sigh! should be the Tuesday movie night but unfortunately it was cancelled because of several things 😦 and here I am, end up watching Family Guy marathon, hee hee ^^ oh, how I love Stewie Griffin so much 😀

There’s always been a lot of tension between Lois and me, and it’s not so much that I want to kill her, it’s just, I want her not to be alive anymore. (Stewie Griffin)

does anybody wants to buy me this lovely 11″ tall Stewie Griffin plush? please please please…I want it soooo bad *gasp* I saw this precious on ebay and I think that I should buy, as a collectible item for sure *another excuse, i know* but isn’t he adorable? hee hee….

alrighty then, enough bluffing! I should go back to my Family Guy marathon

will u fight for love? or maybe sometimes we just have to give it up.



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6 Responses to “stewie griffin plush”

  1. pilon Says:

    eugh. he’s scary. little boy with a big voice. and he’s mean.

    but he reminds me a lot of Sopa. he said he was born old and would die as a fetus. hee hee.

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      he’s mean but he’s not scary tho’, Sopa? hmm, what I remember abt him was when he pretend to be a catfish and crawled in front of my room when I was watching a scary movie, damn!

  2. vorega Says:

    you choose the right doll to xpres your feelin’ dear..

    the doll said

    funny! =)

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      yap yap. love him a lot! hee hee ^^ can’t wait for my package to come *grin* just wait until I post about my Stewie G plush 😀

  3. talisha Says:

    think i saw this doll somewhere.. can’t recal.. haha anyway i think we all should fight for love when necessary =)

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      really really? *overexcited* hee hee…I know that, but at a certain point, what we can do is just give up.

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