they canceled my tour at the last minute

Image Hosted by ImageShack.uspurple tees: elwood, cable knit: dotti, acid wash jeans: frankie, pixie boots: blowfish malibu, watch: levis

movie day on a public holiday, yeaaaay! i watched Night at The Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian *pfpf* quite nice for a refreshment, after they canceled my pinnacle dessert tour this morning, because it was fully booked! *sigh*

Did any of you Dum-Dums bring me Gum Gum? –> me likey likey 😀

anywhoo, i really desperately need A JOB! it’s getting serious now…somebody please employ me, anyone?!

i am leaving you, because i don’t love you… isn’t that completely obvious?

kiss kiss,



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4 Responses to “they canceled my tour at the last minute”

  1. isabelle Says:

    your cardigan looks really comfy! 🙂

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      yap, it’s warm for autumn day but don’t you ever try to wear it on winter day, hee hee 🙂

  2. vorega Says:

    hohoo your boots look familiar 4 me..
    coz i have exactly the same with yours..
    love your outfit darl.
    agree with isabelle, your cardigan looks very comfy in u..

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      really? wohooo, me wanna see 🙂 take a pic of it and put in your blog, will u? hee hee…thank you vorega 😀

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