it’s time to celebrate

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usgrey tees: zara man, cardigan: resteröds, jeans: cheap monday tight painted white, shoes: converse, bag: longchamp, shawl: cotton on

finally finally, I have my late night shopping time back! yiippiiiieee ^^ as the celebration for my submitted thesis *kewl* I pampered myself with all of those oh-not-so-important-but-impulsive shopping :p bought lots of teenie minnie moo thingy *happy* and, I ended this night with a two hours of movie time 😀

I watched State of Play, played by Ben Affleck, Russel Crowe, Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirren. Pretty nice, a kind of political movie with that drama and intrigues, uh uh uh, love it! especially for a late-cold-autumn-night like this, hee hee….

ouw, anywhoo…the tees and the cardi on the pics are belongs to my boyfriend, danke danke Tupiko for letting me borrow and wear your precious 🙂

in conclusion, I’m happy.

kiss kiss,



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6 Responses to “it’s time to celebrate”

  1. Nisa Says:

    love the scarf! you made the shape looks amazing, anyway your cardigan and mine looks one common! nothing different, haha.

    where can i buy amazing clothes in jakarta?

    check out mine,

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      heihooo, Nisa…yep yep, it’s sooo cold here at night, so better completed my outfit with a really warm shawl 🙂 well, actually the cardigan is belongs to my boyfriend :p

      let see, I don’t know much about buying clothes in Jakarta, what I usually do is just mix and match my outfits, hee hee ^^

  2. vorega Says:

    youre outfit looks comfy dear.. =)

  3. kayleigh Says:

    nice scarf!

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