stud on my ankle

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI want this Olexa ankle boots from scooter shoes, enough said.

kiss kiss,



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10 Responses to “stud on my ankle”

  1. onic Says:

    i want a studded boots too. and i like your blog too. it’s cute. exchange link?

  2. onic Says:

    the link added 😀

  3. cashmerecocoon Says:

    thank you 🙂 yours too ^^

  4. Annisa Anjani Says:

    i want studded boots, they look really cool!
    check out mine,

  5. chikita rosemarie Says:

    go get them dear! they are awesome!! 😀

    neways, that’s what i actually glanced in my mind when i saw those red shoes on my blog.. that’s what makes it so vintage and unique.. love ’em!!

    and love your blog 🙂

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      i want to, but the price is just too high, probably later when it’s on a discount :p yap yap, me love ur blog too, keep on posting 🙂

  6. isabelle Says:

    love the studs!


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