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blue riding hood

May 22, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usblack tees (worn inside): unbranded, black skirt: cotton on, black opaque: forever new, checkered coat: valleygirl, boots: naughty monkey, bag: longchamp

winter is coming to town…winter is coming to town, wohohohoooo…the caterpillar is happy here! because, now she can wear her favorite winter outfit, this blue coat *happy*

okay, today’s agenda was shopping and having fun! another happy-fun friday 🙂 i went to city and bought another eyeliner from dotti yes, another eyeliner! I dont know why but I’m so addicted to eyeliner these days. I’ve already have black, turquoise, silver and brown…but still, i might still have to buy another one, erm…blue and green and white probably? *grin*

and I ended up having a dinner at Singapore Chinese restaurant at Northbridge with a bunch of friends at 11.30 PM *weeeheeeeeee* alrighty then, off to bed now! a bit tipsy here because of that Chinese food syndrome :p

happy weekend everyone

kiss kiss,