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this is how we spend our tuesday

May 12, 2009

went to Harbour Town with Anti and bought a lots of fashion thingy (with a good price, for sure ;p) i’ll show you all of my findings tomorrow, kikikik 🙂

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then, after tired of browsing around and throw some cash, we ended at Ciao Italia to have a dinner ^^ and here we are with these lovely delicioso food…

Pizza BiancaImage Hosted by
Chilli Mussels

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Fettuccine a la Ciao Italia

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The best Tiramisu, ever!

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and now, i’m super tired and super full! need to get some rest, but unfortunately I have to fix some of this and that on my thesis for tomorrow’s review *d’oh* ouw, please please please..hopefully there will only be a little tiny miny mistakes on mine *finger cross* let’s grab some hot bitter tea and start working, ciao bella!

i am in love with a boy, manufactured to destroy…

kiss kiss,