Shoes are always be a girl’s best friend or at least for moi ^^ i can’t imagine if I had to live without shoes *kewl* such a nightmare that even I don’t want to imagine it, kikikikik… Hmm, let see what Marc Jacobs had for this Spring ’09 *excited*

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Aren’t they adorable? these shoes will make you look down everytime you walk on them, because they are too cute too ignore, o mi gosh! *inhale…exhale…*

okay, enough dreaming and back to the reality. what happen to me today? not much, just went to Innaloo (again? yes!) for Star Trek, yippie yippie yayy! me heart Spock (played by Zachary Quinto), kikikikikik :p too bad, they didn’t feature Data and Klingon on this movie, huks 😦 (if you understand what I mean :p)

alrighty then, time to sleep now…I’m a bit tipsy because of Chili beef, Chili pepper squid and sambal kangkong from Billy Lee’s *d’oh!* looks like I’m infected by Chinese food syndrome *gulp*

Live long, and Prosper (Spock)

kiss kiss,



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4 Responses to “starfeet”

  1. vorega Says:

    really cute shoes.

  2. pilon Says:

    Data & Klingon are from another time. they serve in USS Enterprise when Piccard’s the captain. and that bearded man from Fact or Fiction as the Number One.

    • cashmerecocoon Says:

      hmmm, uhhh…ohhhhh….alright, copy that pilon ^^ thx! it’s just because I had this major crush to a boy named Data when I’m in kindie *LOL*

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