“shoo shoo shoo…”


ouw no no no, I can’t resist this temptation..it’s too hard. This shoes are unreal.

introducing “Ecote Canvas Lace Bootie” from UrbanOutfitters, what do you think? this is what I called, to good to be true, can’t take my eyes of you *d’oh*

and I hate the fact that UrbanOutiftters did not ship to Australia, oh well…pity me 😦 because I’m really really craving for this shoes *scream*

kiss kiss,


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4 Responses to ““shoo shoo shoo…””

  1. Olive Says:

    those shoes look yummy! xP

  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    it is, Olive ^^ *drooling*

  3. vorega Says:

    i loveeee this shoes.. sooo uniqe.. =0 BTW,I Link yours yapz.. =)

  4. cashmerecocoon Says:

    me love this shoes as well, Vorega ^^ hey, thx for putting my blog on your link *flattered* :p me link yours, okay?!

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