midnight madness

it’s 2:17 am now.

and i’m still sitting here in front of Scarlett Leopi, doing nothing but facebooking and chatting *kewl* oh, what am I supposed to do? please alarmed me “your thesis, cc!!” well yeah, I remember now.

I suppose to write my conclusion and a little bit of adding something here and there on my discussion but my brain seems to be stuck, empty, numb…

my body is awake but my brain is shut down! hell yeah…

the best part is, I have to meet my supervisor at 11 am today ^^ think think think, what should I write for my progress… arrrrrrrghhhhh!

can I just pass this step and graduate as a Master of Professional Communication? stupid question with a certain answer, no.

geek is the new popular, woo hoo hoo!!! all hail to fashion…

kiss kiss,



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4 Responses to “midnight madness”

  1. casual cutie Says:

    congrat you pass the master of professinal communications

  2. Fanny Trijayanti Says:

    Haaii,, thanks for visiting my blog. Wow,, u re in Master rite now?? Which college are you in?

    muah. *Fanny

  3. cashmerecocoon Says:

    hi Fanny, thx for visiting my blog as well.. haha, yep! trying to finish my master on this early June, wish me luck πŸ™‚ am in edith cowan university, perth πŸ™‚ nice to know u ^^

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