tights for my thighs

and I’m so happy today *performing a victory dance*


first, this mysterious package delivered to my mailbox this morning…

then, I opened it with a very high curiosity ^^ *though I know what’s inside*



my trio tights from Topshop, yayyyy! love ’em much 🙂 thank you topshop *wink wink*

skirt: cotton on

skirt: cotton on

alright besties, that would be all for today, hmmm…not much eh?! what else? ouw ouw, I’m doing very well with my thesis today ^^ and I hope it will be finish in the middle of next month *finger cross*

and I hate your girlfriend!

kiss kiss,



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2 Responses to “tights for my thighs”

  1. amie Says:

    hyaaahhh!!!! I envy you CC for topshop doesn’t ship to Indonesia *cry* huhuhuhuhu…hope to get those tights soon!!! *in an affordable price for sure hahahahaha!* (evil grin)


  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    hee hee *grin* now am thinking how to combine that shocking pink tights?

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