rice + chicken = yum yum


introducing: special oriental fried rice with so-called Chinese crispy chicken for today’s dinner and don’t forget, my signature so-called prawn crackers that i bought in Woolworths (it comes in three colors; blue, pink and yellow!).

I know the prawn crackers taste oh-so-not-good! but i just can live without crackers, my meal will taste different without it..please, someone send me the real prawn crackers immediately T_T

im thinking to open a cafe or restaurant as soon as i finish my Master, what do you think?

kiss kiss,


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2 Responses to “rice + chicken = yum yum”

  1. Arendra Says:

    hmmmm i dont think it really have a good taste,hahahaha

  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    wanna try someday? then we’ll see whats your comment after that! hahaha ^^

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