full or cut out?

left: 80's stripey swimsuit, right: ct out stripe swimsuit

left: 80's stripey swimsuit, right: cut out stripe swimsuit

I, caterpillar in stilettos declared that I desperately need a swimsuit for my next holiday…It was like two years ago since the last time I swam.  Please forgive me my dear lord of fashion, because I don’t have any of that pretty swimsuit on my wardrobe…

today I was browsing around on the internet and found this cutie little thing from Topshop. Personally I like them both, but too bad…thanks to this global crisis, I can only allow myself to pick one of these 😦 and that left me a big question mark. Which one should I choose? what do you think?

but the important thingy is, I should start to work out NOW! so my flat tummy will fit in perfectly on one of those swimsuit, hooooraaaaaay!

beach and besties, i’m comiiiiing ^^

kiss kiss,


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4 Responses to “full or cut out?”

  1. pilon Says:

    The left one.
    It’s classic so you can wear it 5-10 years from now. And for me, I don’t like a cut-out swimsuit like the other one. You better stick to the bikinis or the full one.

    Just an opinion:).

  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    hmmm, agree!
    but think that the left one will make ur body looks bigger, isn’t it?? i want a bikini but my un-flat tummy looks not-so-nice on that *kewl*

  3. arini Says:

    definitely the green one if i may choose.. the other is just a lil bit too tiny for you i think.. or was that your intention, less is better?? hahha.. ;p speaking of swimming,i haven’t swum for ages as well..( oh gee, i hope i still know how to swim though.. LOL.. )living in this country makes me lazy to do sports.. i feel like a polar bear that likes to hybernate.. hahha..

  4. cashmerecocoon Says:

    hmmm, am still searching to find a perfect one for me tho’ 🙂 yeah, me too! sport is absolutely not on the menu in my daily activity since i moved here 😦 huks! so, bye bye flat tummy, welcome flappy tummy, hee hee ^^

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