boyish choice


tees: endorse, jeans: cheap monday, blazer: zara, shoes: scooter, hat: zara, bag: longchamp

i know…i know, i’m wearing the same tees with my previous pic, hee hee ^^ since autumn is coming, the weather is not-so-hot now. so, i just need to change my tees every three days, woo hoo *ewwwwww* this is when am going for a dinner with Tupiko last nite 🙂

ps: pay attention to that cutie little creature on my blazer, kikikik :p his name is Mercator the baby wallaby brooch. I got it like two weeks ago in Perth Zoo, he’s so adorable 😀

alrighty righty!

kiss kiss,


original background from here


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6 Responses to “boyish choice”

  1. amiecumi Says:

    Loving the blazer!!! I want to buy some pair of that also! Just can’t wait to get a chance to go to Gedebage or Senen to buy the inexpensive pair of blazer like yours and hoping to find some vintage dresses…hehehe xP

  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    bought my blazer on sale at zara ^^ i got it half price, yay!
    uh uh uh, love vintage dress! can’t wait for another garage sale from two bucks till Wednesday on may to find another precious treasure 🙂 wait for me if u want to go to gedebage, in bandung ayte?? hee hee *grin*

    • windy Says:

      Wowh Gals! It’s been hard for me to understand every single ‘fashion’ words. Salut for miss cocoon:). It is really illuminating, especially for people that so-called ‘fashion blind’ like me 🙂

  3. si pilon Says:

    Keira Knightley’s shoes from her 2008 Elle photoshoot:D

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