when I met Mr. Supervisor

shirt: endorse, denim cuff shorts: zara, legging: zara, shoes: soulier, bag: longchamp, watches: guess

shirt: endorse, denim cuff shorts: zara, legging: zara, shoes: soulier, bag: longchamp, watches: guess

This is what I wore when I met Mr. Supervisor, hee hee ^^ it’s to early for tights and boots today, probably because summer is still in the air, but tees and short are too late because the autumn breeze is on it’s way now 🙂 woo hoo, can’t wait to revising my wardrobe with tights, shawl, dress, leather biker jacket, etc.

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kiss kiss,


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2 Responses to “when I met Mr. Supervisor”

  1. arini Says:

    i like ur style there… hihi.. very comfortable and relaxed..
    speaking of clothes, well, my situation here is on the other way around. it’s spring already, but the weather is still sucks.like just now, it’s sunny but it still feel so cold and windy.. ugghh,, hate that!!! i just can’t stand anymore wearing thick clothes!!! i’m dying to wear my skirts and flat shoes/ flip-flops again.. ohh, u know what?? yesterday i bought my self mini skirt from zara.. arghh,, it’s sooo damn cute.. the cut is very perfect..though it’s a bit too tiny for me, but i don’t care.. because it’s so cute, and also very affordable.. it cost only 14.95 Euro.. so i was overexcited when i saw this skirt, and i just wanted to buy it.. well, that skirt is mine now.. i can wear it whenever i want,,but i don’t think it’s suitable yet for this stupid weather.. *sigh… i think i just have to wait patiently until the right time comes.. oh my..

  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    awwwwww, arince i envy you ^^ i’m dying to wear those thick clothes again right now, i’m bored with all of this summer thingy stuff and i miss my winter outfit hee hee…just can’t wait for next month 🙂 uh uh uh, is it expensive if you post something to Perth? *LOL* because they don’t open any ZARA’s retail shop here, ugh!

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