“her first high heels”

baby heels

This leopard satin heels is for baby aged 0-6 months, it comes in 9 different designs. Every heel packed with a rhinestone closure purse. It is actually not intended for walking, since the heel will collapse with weight 🙂

It crushed me when I saw this baby heels for the very first time, it makes me think that you should start earlier to be a fashion guru, hee hee… and now, it’s a bit late for me ^^ Shouldn’t be too long from now, that heels is a “must have items” for babies…ouw, shoooh! better start thinking to change my stilettos with other ‘it shoes’ before it’s too late *kewl*

But, anyway for more info about this super cute heels, check heelarious

isn’t that adorable?

kiss kiss,


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4 Responses to ““her first high heels””

  1. amiecumi Says:

    how much does it cost? Can’t wait to buy those for my lovely niece….hahaha


  2. cashmerecocoon Says:

    it cost you about $ 35 in USD, hee hee…similar to our ZARA or topshop shoes isn’t it? huksss ^^

  3. amiecumi Says:

    gosh…never thought it cost a lot for a baby shoes indeed…


  4. cashmerecocoon Says:

    yeah, that’s the new fashion era, dah-ling…
    guess soon they’ll produce quilted channel baby bag, d’oh!

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